Surface Book 2 renders

Last year, the Consumer Reports organization removed the Surface Book 2 from the company’s recommended list of devices. The Consumers Reports said last year that it will no longer list Microsoft’s Surface PCs as recommended due to poor reliability and other issues.

The report pointed out that around 25 percent of Microsoft’s Surface PCs have experienced reliability issue after in the first two years after purchase.

Today, the Surface PCs including the latest Surface Pro (2017), Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop are back in the recommended list.

“Microsoft’s reliability is now on-par with most other laptop brands,” allowing its products to be recommended, says Martin Lachter, senior research associate at Consumer Reports.

Surface Go keyboard cover
Image Courtesy: Richard Hay

Microsoft’s latest Surface Go however failed to meet the quality bar and Consumer Report won’t recommend it again. The group says that the Surface Go didn’t score.

“We weigh processing power heavily when we’re evaluating laptops,” says Maria Rerecich, who oversees all electronics testing for Consumer Reports. “A computer that doesn’t do well in performance testing isn’t likely to get recommended.”

  • satyan

    Why don’t they give out the “score” and some details about their rating system?

  • Praxius

    Performance scores should depend and revolve around the types of tasks one would commonly be using the device for. The Go isn’t designed to be high performance like the Pro or standard laptop so if they’re not recommending the Go because it doesn’t match the other categories, then they don’t know what they’re doing, much like they didn’t know what they were doing when they pulled recommendation of the Surface Book 2 without actually testing it and only justified pulling recommendation based off of previous devices.

    If they didn’t test it they shouldn’t have have rated it one way or another until they did. Oddly enough they switched gears and recommended it.

    Oh well, I don’t base my purchases on what they say anyways.