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It looks like Microsoft has quietly added an Easter egg in its Edge browser app, which could be a treat for those who have an uncontrolled tab-opening habit. Last week Microsoft Edge beta updated to version and the new release added number count in the tabs icon.

If you open tons of tabs (100+, we’re not sure about the exact figure) in Microsoft Edge app, you will see a ninja cat emoji in the multiple tabs icon in the bottom menu bar of the browser.

As you can see in the screenshot above, instead of displaying the tab number, they just switch over to ninja cat emoji. Microsoft Edge’s new ninja cat emoji only appears on the Android version of the beta app and it’s not available in the non-beta browser.

Microsoft Edge ninja cat

We’re hearing that this emoji is only visible to people who have the habit of opening up multiple tabs on Microsoft Edge browser.

Not just Edge but there’s also a Easter egg on Chrome. In the Google Chome Android app, the browser displays the grin smiley – :D.

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