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Microsoft’s Office 365 was having technical issues, with users in some regions reporting issues connecting to their accounts. Microsoft has finally addressed the glitch and the Office 365 should work fine you.

“We’re investigating an issue in which users may be unable to sign-in to Office 365 and are receiving an error related to Office 365 subscription activation. More details can be found in the admin portal under MO146611,” Microsoft said in a tweet.

“Our automated recovery services have taken the necessary actions to mitigate the impact associated with MO146611. We’re continuing to monitor the service to ensure that this issue doesn’t reoccur. We’ll provide our next update on Thursday, August 16, 2018, at 11:00 PM UTC,” the company confirmed that the issue has been addressed in a follow-up tweet.

Microsoft is actively investigating and monitoring the Office 365 outage reports to ensure that this issue doesn’t reoccur.

The analyst has already confirmed that Office 365 would account for a bigger part of the total Microsoft revenues and Office 365 could be one of the main catalysts of a surprising growth that the company will achieve in the coming quarters.

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