Windows 10 Mobile cumulative update
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Microsoft has just released the monthly cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile and it comes with unknown bug fixes and improvements. It’s likely that Microsoft has fixed the general bugs and as well as the security issues.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.527 is currently rolling out to the general public and you can download it on your Lumia 950s, 550, 650, Alcatel IDOL 4S, Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL and HP Elite x3.

Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is in maintenance mode and Microsoft not planning any new features and devices. While many users have switched to other platforms, there are still some users operating the Windows Phones as the platform is a perfect mix of interface and security.

Windows Phone had one of the most loyal user bases out there and the fans still sticking with. There are people who’re using Windows phones these days and Microsoft remains committed to the security updates.

Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile have always been pretty easy to use and very straightforward, unlike Android which is considered by many a clustered operating system.

Microsoft is supposed to release cumulative updates for Windows 10 Mobile until late 2019 and the updates will only include the general bug fixes.

  • pege63

    And wath improvements are talking about, nothing in the text list them?!

  • Jose D Sambolin

    still waiting for the SURFACE PHONE !!!

    • KA

      Save your time. Buy a little Nokia 3110. Improve your life…

  • Amin Khan

    Can i update my Nokia Lumia 1520 to Build 15254.527

  • #Lumia650 got 15254.527 & Timezones are missing. #Cortana Sync for SMS & few Apps are not working, even after doing hard-reset done today. Do anyone else experiencing the same?

  • Praxius

    I see these reports time and time again when there is an update. “with improvements.”

    Yet there is never a change log or list of any kind stating what is in the update. It is assumed there must be improvements, but since nobody knows, why say there are improvements? For all we know they just updated the OS to keep relevant to existing apps updated for W10 desktop.

    That’s not an improvement, that’s just keeping up. Unless there is a change log, there is no point making a claim any improvements come with the updates, especially if there is zero noticeable difference between builds for the user’s experience.

    Now if they had a log and noted they patched the Sim card issue I have with my 950XL, I’d switch back right now. But this issue has been affecting my 950XL for almost two years now and I’m tired of setting up my device, updating everything, only to find in a day or so that the issue remains and I have to go back to my Android.