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Over the weekend, Facebook rolled out a new update for its Instagram on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The latest update bumps the app version to 41.1788.51075.0 and it
doesn’t come with a changelog but it appears that the update has fixed some bugs and added support for more devices.

It appears that Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update users can now install the Instagram app on their handsets. For unknown reasons, the app was earlier not available for download on some phones with Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

Instagram is still quite buggy on Windows 10 Mobile. For example, when you open the app it goes straight to selfie mode.

Earlier this month, the company’s Instagram app on Windows 10 Mobile picked up some new features. The update added the new type mode and a long list of the other changes.

  • Type mode in Instagram Stories. In the type mode, you can type whatever you want in various font styles such as Modern, Neon, Typewriter and Strong. It can then be posted as your Instagram Story.
  • The ability to share Instagram Stories with others and stop others from sharing your Story.
  • Threaded conversation in comments.
  • User interface improvements.

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