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Microsoft’s Always Connected PCs project appears to be receiving good response from the mobile operators. Today, Tele2, a Swedish operator, announced that it worked with Microsoft to support the Windows 10 Always Connected PCs with eSIM connectivity.

Tele2 explains that Windows 10-powered devices with support for eSIM technology would be able to connect to internet anywhere via Microsoft’s Mobile Plans app.

“This is clearly the next step for a simpler and more connected life. eSIM makes it possible to connect your device to internet anywhere, without the hassle of having to bring additional equipment, tether using your mobile phone, or scout for a WiFi zone”, said Joacim Rask, Head of Business Development at Tele2 in a statement.

What’s more important to note that is that the offer is still limited on the Swedish market but it’s expected to increase in the coming years.

”The kinds of devices with internet connection increase every day. We already see connected cars, glasses, and even dog collars, but nearly everything will be part of the future connected society. Tele2 plays a part in this evolution, as this eSIM cooperation with Microsoft clearly exemplifies, says Joacim Rask.

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