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Facebook recently dropped support for its apps on Windows Phone 8.1, but the company appears to be fully committed to WhatsApp for Microsoft’s mobile platform. Believe it or not, there is a big update coming for WhatsApp for Windows Phone. The report claims that the update will introduce the group calling feature.

WhatsApp already supports both voice and video calls, but the updated version will allow calls with up to four people.

Windows Phone users have reason to celebrate today with the ability to make group calls is rolling out and it will soon become available on all devices. Once you are in a call with someone, you can tap “Add person” option and pick who else you want in the call. The feature is, of course, user-friendly and it appears to work fine on all Windows Phones.

If you are on the other side with a Windows Phone, you’ll get an invitation, when your friend or family member add you to the group call from any device (Android or iOS). It’s a neat feature, and you can decide whether you want to chat with up to four people or not at that time.

Back in May, WhatsApp director Mubarik Imam announced that the messaging platform will be getting group video calls support in the coming months. At the time of the announcement, Facebook-owned WhatsApp revealed that the platform has over 450 million daily users.

Furthermore, over 2 billion minutes of calls were made through WhatsApp each day. As you can see in the screenshot above, WhatsApp’s Windows Phone app will allow four people to simultaneously participate.

Facebook appears to be bringing features to all platforms including Windows Phone, and it’s likely that WhatsApp for Windows Phone will be getting some other changes in the coming days as well. The company last month also announced stickers support and the company is allowing third parties to develop their own collections of stickers.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone is receiving new updates almost every month, and the social media giant remains fully committed to Microsoft’s mobile platform.

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