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Cortana hasn’t been as popular as other voice assistant products but Microsoft is still very much committed to Cortana and the company is even said to be working on its own speaker. According to new stats from Microsoft, Cortana is growing but at a slower pace than initially predicted.

Today, Microsoft at Windows Insider Dev Tour shared the new market share report of Windows 10 and Cortana. Apparently, Cortana user base has grown, but the digital assistant still isn’t quite as popular as one might imagine.

Back in October, Microsoft said that Cortana is being used by more than 148 million users, and today the software giant revealed that over 150 million people are using Cortana across 13 countries.

Cortana is getting better with every Windows 10, and it’s likely that the market share of the digital heroine will improve in the coming months. Cortana is deeply integrated into Microsoft’s desktop operating system Windows 10 that powers 700 million devices, but most of the users don’t make use of the digital assistant.

Microsoft is yet to introduce Cortana in the car, and with voice recognition is already improving rapidly, the software giant still has a great foothold to deploy Cortana across all devices and services for both customers and enterprises.

The Microsoft-branded speaker will help Cortana

A report last month revealed that Microsoft wants to build its very own smart speaker powered by Cortana. Microsoft has until now relied on its partner for Cortana-powered speakers but plans have changed. Microsoft’s speaker will run Windows 10 IoT, and it would help Cortana reach more audience, and improve its presence in the digital market.

Microsoft is developing the speaker with Quanta, and it’s likely that software giant will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 212, a new processor that can power IoT devices. The product is still in its early phase of development and the fate of the product could change until it gets the go-ahead for mass production.

The success of Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana has been limited, and Microsoft has realised that it would have to take the matter into its all hands. It’s pretty clear that Microsoft is fully committed to its digital assistant, but everything can change overnight.

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