New PWAs in Windows Store

Microsoft suffered a big setback in its efforts to boost the market share of Windows Phone and the number of must-have apps in its Windows 10 Store. The company hoped to motivate third-party app developers to embrace the new Windows 10 app platform with Project Astoria and Centennial but nothing worked in the company’s favour.

Microsoft is aware of the much-discussed app gap problem with Windows 10 devices and the company hasn’t given up yet. The Redmond-tech giant Microsoft is trying to fill that ‘gap’ by publishing the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in the Store.

Microsoft recently announced that it will use its search engine Bing to crawl, index the PWAs and publish them in the Windows Store with the owner’s permission.

Microsoft quietly published new Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in the Store for Windows 10 devices. It’s a new series of Progressive Web Apps and it recovers a wide range of categories. It’s likely that Microsoft will be able to fill the app gap to some extent with its Progressive Web Apps.

The progressive web apps Rand McNallySTYLECRAZE, News dot com Australia, Boots UKEBTH, EstateSales.NET and Rocketmiles are now available for download in the Microsoft Store (formerly known as Windows Store).

The PWA is a web app, and it can be installed on any device including Android, Windows and Chromebook. The users would never have to worry about the maintenance and features of PWAs as everything is automatic, which means that there’s no need to head to the Microsoft Store to get new versions of PWAs. You just need to re-launch and wait a few seconds to see new features and content.

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  • CajunMoses

    This feature would be a better fit on the Chrome Web Store.

  • YeahRrright

    It’s funny to see legit apps running from W10 and a bunch of apps that no one ever wanted filling the hole. Good luck with a store full of s***

    • M Rankin

      ( yes app leaving Mobile for various reasons it sucks)
      but your average user does not care about where it came from as long as it works
      and get the job done
      So Your statement is

    • Jamie Brahm

      PWAs aren’t windows 10 specific. Twitter and uber are both now PWAs. Gmail is now a PWA. PWAs are crossplatform and will replace basically all apps on every platform (apart from games and the like). So your post is basically ironic.