Windows 10 April 2018 Update desktop
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Microsoft has once again been criticised for breaking customers’ computers with the latest Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Some users on social media and Microsoft Community forum claims that Windows 10 April 2018 Update makes it impossible for the system to boot to desktop.

It looks like that the Windows 10 April 2018 Update breaks down a number of computers and users are not able to boot to desktop. The users claim that after installing Windows 10 April 2018 Update, the desktop screen throws an error message “Location is not available – C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable.”

The thread on Microsoft community forums was created on May 14 but in the past few days, the number of reports has grown significantly.

Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged the bug but since the number of systems impacted by the issue has grown significantly in the last few days, the company might soon detail the workaround.

“Desktop is unavailable” after installing Windows 10 April 2018 Update

If you’ve upgraded your computer to Windows 10 April 2018 Update and the desktop is unavailable for whatever reasons, you may need to restore the operating system to the previous version (Fall Creators Update).

  • Boot to Advanced Startup Options menu: Hit F11 as soon as the PCs powers on and advanced startup menu will show up.
  • Tap on System Restore option to restore your computer to the previous version of Windows 10.

If nothing works, you can always reinstall Windows 10. To reinstall the OS, you will need a Windows installation media. First and foremost, download Windows 10 April 2018 Update ISO files. Follow the steps that we have outlined in our article and create a bootable DVD or USB stick, boot from it on your machine to reinstall Windows 10.

It’s not the first time the reports of botched Windows 10 updates have surfaced online. Earlier this month, a patch released for Windows 10 April 2018 Update was causing a black screen on some PCs.

We have reached out to Microsoft for a comment and we’ll update this post if we hear back.

  • YeahRrright

    Why I am not surprised at all?

  • Scott M

    I’ve had to turn off timeline on all my computers. It starts crashing the explorer shell after a few days. Really annoying that you can’t get any work done because the shell continuously crashes.

    • YeahRrright

      I didn’t realize one can turn it off. Tnx for the tip. Turned it off now, will see if it will improve anything.

  • Swapnil Kashikar

    Brightness toggle was affected after the update on Dell xps 14. it was on full brightness all the time. sadly uninstalled the update.

  • Venkateshannamareddy

    Even I got the same issue while updating after reinstalling the OS it got solved. But Im facing new problem my PC automatically shutting down after log in within maximum of 5 minutes.
    Tried the option of repair in advanced start up options, but no use it’s showing could not fix the error.
    Can u suggest how to solve the issue.

  • Varinder singh

    The update deleted all the user folder files…. desktop files. I can’t even recover them as they r permanently deleted. All my data in user folder is lost.

  • M Rankin

    Haven’t had any problems on any of my pc

  • Mukul Latiyan

    I have the same issue and don’t know what to do..

  • Raul Serrano

    Buttery smooth. 4 devices all up to date.

  • Jaimin Doshi

    Having same problem but I am able to log in and access Desktop but While using Files Explorer, Chrome, Settings they keep getting freezed every 10 to 20 minutes
    Also I am not able to Reset my laptop while resetting it always shows an error
    I tried every possible remedies available on Google and Diffrent Forums but to no avail

    • Mayank Parmar

      Just create a bootable drive and boot from it. You need a spare PC.

      • Jaimin Doshi

        Thank you. It worked , have not faced any problems yet in last 10 hrs.

  • Vadakan

    Monopoly by MS. Don’t we have & can have an alternate OS. Why do we need to be under the mercy of Microsoft. By forcing to update and doing automatically without permission is breach of privacy!!!

    • Ofcourse we do. Ubuntu OS is super easy to use. Even for a novice. It’s even faster than windows.

      • Vadakan

        But what about supporting apps like word, powerpoint, Excel etc. Is it not a great issue? Are enough apps are available for ubantu like Windows??

  • Windows freezes. Windows 10 is becoming shitty dat by day.

  • Nagaraju Vemula

    My graphics driver is also gone after updated to april update.

  • If you have been using Avast, you need to download avastclear to a USB key and then start a new Task under Task Manager and run it with Admin rights. Then download a new copy of W10 and run that from aUSB key in the same way. This will keep your files/progs. Done it 4 times now