Windows 10 Mobile cumulative update
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Microsoft is today rolling out new cumulative updates for Windows 10 operating system. The company has also released new updates for all supported versions of Windows 10 Mobile, and while the company has detailed the improvements for desktop, the changelog is not available for phones. This is not surprising as Windows 10 Mobile is in maintenance mode which means that Microsoft is not focusing on new features or hardware.

To line up with today’s Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 10 desktop, Microsoft released build 15254.401 for Windows 10 Mobile handsets running the version 1709. The phones such as Lumia 950 and HP Elite x3 are part of the rollout.

Microsoft today pushed out Windows 10 Mobile 15254.401 to the general public across the globe. As you might have guessed already, the new build 15254.401 for Windows Phones brings the usual list of security improvements. We assume that the new build for Windows 10 Mobile also includes general bug fixes and improvements.

Needless to say, Microsoft is still working on security fixes for the Windows 10 Mobile version of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It’s also fitting to see that new security updates are getting released for Windows 10 Mobile at least once a month.

The last few years have been rather uneventful for Windows 10 Mobile as Microsoft has stopped developing new updates with features and major improvements. The situation won’t change as Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has already confirmed that the future Windows 10 Mobile updates will mostly have bug fixes and security improvements.

Last year, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group officially announced that Windows 10 Mobile has been discontinued and the company won’t release any feature updates for the platform. He also recommended customers to switch to Android and iOS.

Last week we discovered that Microsoft has quietly updated the support article to announce Windows 10 Mobile April 2018 Update. While the news excited many fans, but as speculated by us, the support article is merely a mistake on Microsoft’s part. The Microsoft support site actually tells users how to update to the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, even though it doesn’t exist.

You can manually check for the update by navigating to Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates.

  • pege63

    The Microsoft support groupe a newbies!

    • That sucks your Windows phone stopped working. Mine I still going strong.

      • pege63

        No my WPs still working and going and doing it strong, I just made a comment.

    • Ryan Thiele

      I agree it is heartbreaking, but I’ll use the 950 for as long as I can. I guess the Icon will become an icon sort to speak.

      Oh well, it gives me time to program a legacy device. Hell Linux is still around, right?

  • Shoket Ali

    No update on Lumia 950 why?????

    • M Rankin

      Are you in the fast ring
      It’s only available in production and release ring

      • Shoket Ali

        Yes I’m also fast ring user

        • M Rankin

          you change over to release ring to get it
          than can move back to fast ring.
          the store got back acrylic on release ring in case you missed it =)

  • RTinE

    You know there is an error code no. 0x80070273 that prevents many phones from being able to install updates. Why would you not fix it in this update???????? Got to jump thru a bunch of hoops again. Thanks M$. PS: where’s the new folding phone, we’re still waiting. You really want us all to go to A or A. By the way, I may be looking in the wrong place but, I’m not seeing a lot of new cars coming out with Windows in the console anymore. Aren’t you leaving a lot of money on the table there.

  • Hebphone

    updating my Alcatel Idol 4S… sweet!

  • RTinE


    You don’t want the work. Go ahead, fire some more people. Apple, Android and Amazon will gladly take all the business you don’t want to do. You’re just flat plain lazy leadership wise.

  • Dan Stephens

    I checked for an update on the phone and found “2018-05 Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for arm-based Phone Device”. Have a 950XL. Downloaded and “Preparing to install”

  • Chris H

    Does anyone else use the “Project My Phone” app? This was the main thing I still use on my 950XL. I updated to the 15254.401 build and simultaneously on my desktop updated to version 1803 and now Project My Screen does connect to the phone ok and can operate the phone, but just shows a black screen. Does anyone know a fix for this or also seen it happen?

  • batibot

    Im using 950xl too, fast ring. i did not receive this update

  • M Rankin

    It also available for mobile users
    If you have sign back in
    remove yourself from the insider program
    To get to back production setting
    The Last option.

    • awaid

      I didn’t have the release preview option available as I mention earlier

      only 2 options I can select fast/slow

      although I do have the 3rd option available and I also select that but still no update it says your phone is up to date

      I have sent you the screen shot already

      any other way of getting this update


      • M Rankin

        You weren’t able to exit out of the insider Preview program
        and go back to production Settings

        • awaid

          I did a factory reset and now I am on build 14393.1066

          now what should I have to do next to get build 15254.401 I am using 830

          and on insider it says please reply

          • M Rankin

            The Lumia 830 can only get to 15063. Build
            unless you know how to hack it.
            It would’ve been better to do a hard reset and restore from a the latest backup. Setting/ Systems/ About (reset phone)
            You still could just look for the highest build number after 15254.

          • awaid

            I did hard reset using wdrt and for backup it says some apps can’t be back up

            for hacking can I use interop tools ? I get 15254.301 on fast ring and using interop tools

            Now insiders also stop getting new builds mrsft said themselves

            but can you please do a tutorial video of how to get to the highest no build I don’t have release preview option

            can i get the update after installing build 14393.248?

            using Otc updater??

            please help that’s why I am saying you to do a video tutorial u that would be helpful for all win10 mobile user

          • M Rankin

            I was referring to doing a hard reset from within the phone
            Setting/ systems/ About (reset phone) after restore from the backup on 15254.

            but if you’re familiar with interop tools I would recommend youtube video
            Unsupported devices – InteropTools change registry to a LUMIA 950 XL

          • awaid

            for registry change 950xl is compulsory ? or we can use 550 650 & 950

            after hard resting phone it shows the fast ring build 15254

            When we hard reset insider is close we can check for update

            after hard reset we can update through otc updater

          • M Rankin

            yes yes you can use any That are supported

          • awaid

            hi rankin I have not registered to insider preview
            will I get the update to 15254.489?

            I am using otc update tool its started downloading but stuck at 45/148 ??

            do you have the same problem while updating your phone?

            Is it because of wifi? From 1 to 45 it downloads fast but stuck at 45%?

            what if I don’t enroll my account to insider preview will I get the update to 15425.489?

            I did a registery tweak change lumia 830 to 950

            Will I get the update to 15254.489?

            Please reply

          • M Rankin

            Yes I would go a head and register
            I know I /users had to do it During the Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile technical previews days. It should also give you the option to change rings freely

            try rebooting (by holding power + vol down tell phone vibrate) will clear the update date
            And than try otc tool again

            it’s possible that they might be smart to people using the 950 registry tweak
            if so you can use the 650 640/xl all similar to 830