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We all know that Microsoft officially abandoned its own Mobile platform. Windows 10 Mobile is buried alive and Windows Phones have no future. Microsoft officially announced that no new features are planned at this moment for the Windows Phones. Windows 10 Mobile will only receive security patches until mid-2019.

But it doesn’t mean that Microsoft will stop investing in the mobile technology. In a conference call with an analysts, CEO Satya Nadella had an interesting conversation about Microsoft’s investment in the Mobile technology.

Nadella explains that Microsoft is not done with the involvement in the mobile technology yet. They are constantly working on various projects to keep engaged in the mobile business whether it’s small enterprise-related services or cloud-based services. He explains:

Our results speak to the strength of our platform and services for both first party and third-party experiences. And we’ll continue to invest in our platform, enhancing our cloud services with AI capabilities for developers to quickly build and monetize games across PC, console and mobile.

Obviously, this doesn’t point out that Microsoft is working on a brand new device, but it could be an evidence that company isn’t completely done with the mobile investments and technology. As we all know Microsoft has a completely different definition of “mobile”. Here mobile doesn’t only mean phone. While the smartphones come under this category, but the mobile category also includes the laptop, ARM devices, tablets, wearable, smart watches, speakers and more.

Microsoft is working on a project called Windows Core OS which aims to make Windows modular. However, as of now no official words from the company is available. But we are expecting that we might see the first glimpse of it at the Build 2018 event. Build 2018 is scheduled for May 7-9.

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