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We all know that Microsoft officially abandoned its own Mobile platform. Windows 10 Mobile is buried alive and Windows Phones have no future. Microsoft officially announced that no new features are planned at this moment for the Windows Phones. Windows 10 Mobile will only receive security patches until mid-2019.

But it doesn’t mean that Microsoft will stop investing in the mobile technology. In a conference call with an analysts, CEO Satya Nadella had an interesting conversation about Microsoft’s investment in the Mobile technology.

Nadella explains that Microsoft is not done with the involvement in the mobile technology yet. They are constantly working on various projects to keep engaged in the mobile business whether it’s small enterprise-related services or cloud-based services. He explains:

Our results speak to the strength of our platform and services for both first party and third-party experiences. And we’ll continue to invest in our platform, enhancing our cloud services with AI capabilities for developers to quickly build and monetize games across PC, console and mobile.

Obviously, this doesn’t point out that Microsoft is working on a brand new device, but it could be an evidence that company isn’t completely done with the mobile investments and technology. As we all know Microsoft has a completely different definition of “mobile”. Here mobile doesn’t only mean phone. While the smartphones come under this category, but the mobile category also includes the laptop, ARM devices, tablets, wearable, smart watches, speakers and more.

Microsoft is working on a project called Windows Core OS which aims to make Windows modular. However, as of now no official words from the company is available. But we are expecting that we might see the first glimpse of it at the Build 2018 event. Build 2018 is scheduled for May 7-9.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft’s involvement in Mobile technology? Let us know in a comment below.

  • Scott M

    We know they are invested in mobile….. iOS and Android anyway. Not their own mobile vision, which could have been better than iOS and Android if they had done better marketing, planning, and getting developers more involved. But they blew that opportunity big time.

    • Philippe Culet

      Couldn’t agree more. What’s really weird also with IOS and Android is that they are fighting hard to make bigger screens and having screens that cover most of the surface of their phone, but at the same time, their UI display micro icons that does not occupy this precious “pixel real estate” the way windows tiles are!

      It’s sad to say that fashion, trending and other superficial factors killed the much superior windows phone.

      • Scott M

        I hate the thought of getting an android phone, I love my Lumia 950. But sadly, as I add more new devices around the house, they all require iOS or Android to at least set them up, if not actually use them. It annoys me to no end when I want to get something new, only to find it requires a different OS than Windows. I mean, don’t companies out there realize that people may want to use their Windows devices to set up things like webcams, smart outlets, smart light bulbs, and more? I would think writing a windows app would come first! But no, you have to have a mobile android or iOS device. It baffles me. Yes, more people have iPhones or Android phones, but more people than that have Windows computers… and if you write your app as a UWP app, it can work on windows phones too. I even went and bought an android tablet to use to set things up. But I find android so incredibly frustrating as compared to windows mobile – how do people stand it? And iOS is no better.

        • Russ

          iOS is actually even worse.

    • WPJ

      Could be exactly what he meant. “Mobile” doesn’t necessarily mean a whole top-to-bottom package provided by Microsoft. I would expect the wording to be just a little more certain or content if they were planning on a huge new mobile category unveiling. So it could be an “AI” plugin to drive advertising in games, for all we know.

  • drearyworlds

    Still love W10m. My timetable is I’m giving them until October before I jump ship. That’s the three year mark for my 950xl and coincidentally my birthday month. If there us no Andromeda device I am officially moving to Android.

    • Philippe Culet

      950xl owner here also, but on my part, they’ll have to run over my dead body if they want me to ditch it for an Android or ios device! :)

    • M Rankin

      I pick up a back up Android.
      To test certain apps and games like Microsoft Edge
      but I can never see Android being my daily driver.
      Over my Lumia. almost every app wants permission to thing they don’t really need to work like, name of Wi-Fi router, no if someone is calling me and there number, my device ID.

  • David Morris

    Wife still enjoys her Lumina 920. I had to bail when my 1520 could not be repaired. Moved to an LG G6 running Android … but… immediately installed MS Launcher. The Windows interface was and still is superior to either Android or Apple.

    Will need to replace wife’s phone within next year and am hoping for an MS solution.

    • Russ

      Agree. Android and Apple interfaces are like going back to 2000. So kludgy and difficult to use. I’m holding out for Andromeda.

  • RbrtSfrn

    Mr. Nadella,

    So sorry to call you Mr. But that is for Me and I have to, I don’t believe you at all!!!

  • Andy Duki

    Satya Nadella, ha, ha, ha, ….I don’t believe you, liar.