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The File Explorer is the most important component in Windows operating system. Microsoft has been trying to improve the look and feel of the File Explorer with every new release of Windows operating system, and it appears that the company is finally bringing the most requested change.

Microsoft has started working on a dark theme for the legacy File Explorer, and it appears that the new updated version could be unveiled with the Windows 10 Redstone 5 update scheduled to arrive this fall. According to a new report, Microsoft is exploring ways to implement dark theme in the native File Explorer.

It’s believed that Microsoft could hold the UWP File Explorer for a little longer, possibly until Windows Core OS. Microsoft might be trying to offer much more than a simple dark theme, but the development is still in the early stages, we will possibly hear more about these changes at the company’s annual Build developer conference.

With the Windows 10 Redstone 5, Microsoft is also bringing tabs to the File Explorer as part of its efforts to make tabs an essential part of the operating system. The tabs support in File Explorer and the dark theme could offer more consistency across the platform. Microsoft has been struggling to maintain the UX consistency in Windows 10, but it could be finally fixed in the coming months.

The dark theme in File Explorer on Windows 10 sounds great but needless to say it’s still in its early days and there’s absolutely no confirmation whether the new File Explorer will be released to the general public or not. The dark theme in File Explorer makes sense as it would perfectly align with what users expect (darkness) in the operating system.

Microsoft has finalized the next version of Windows 10 and the company is working on Redstone 5 which could be a bigger update than the Redstone 4. It’s believed that Microsoft could introduce more changes with Redstone 5, but the company isn’t in hurry, Microsoft wants to make sure that everything’s working correctly for everyone regardless of the hardware.

As noted above, Microsoft could provide more information about the new File Explorer at the Build developer conference. Although it remains to be seen whether the File Explorer will be updated with a new look in the coming Insider builds of Redstone 4 or not. What do you think about the dark theme in File Explorer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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