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Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.369 is now rolling out to the general public as part of the company’s monthly Patch Tuesday. This month’s Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 10 Mobile have just started to roll out, and if your phone is officially supported, then it can be updated to build 15254.369 in the coming hours.

Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday updates are also rolled out to Windows 10 PCs. While Microsoft has published a changelog for PCs, the company has not bothered to detail the changes for Windows Phone. But by the looks of the things, the company has fixed general bugs and improved the overall performance.

Microsoft has also released security updates to Edge, Windows Kernel, Windows app platform and frameworks, Windows graphics and Microsoft scripting engine. Apart from the above-mentioned changes, you can also expect some bug fixes and refinements.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update will be supported until December 2019, and beyond this point, no new updates will be offered. Windows 10 Mobile operating system should keep receiving cumulative updates until that date.

While Microsoft is still supporting the mobile platform, it is quite clear that the Windows 10 on ARM could be the future, and next generation of the mobile-type devices ‘Surface Andromeda‘ will be powered by this version of Windows.

For now, Windows phone users can still use their now ageing devices, keep installing cumulative updates until Microsoft pulls the support completely, and wait for the Andromeda.

We had a differentiated experience, but it’s so clear in hindsight that the disruption in business model which Android represented was enormous, and that building our early versions of Windows Phone on an incomplete Windows CE platform, designed for small embedded systems, left us too hobbled to ever catch up,” Myerson said in a goodbye letter published on LinkedIn.

The aggressive push towards cloud and AI eventually made the Windows 10 Mobile operating system a product that no longer made sense for Microsoft. Windows Phone is believed to have been the first victim of Microsoft’s new money-making strategy.

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