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Microsoft Store for Windows 10 is today receiving a new update for the Windows Insiders opted into the Skip Ahead, Fast and Release Preview Rings. The latest update for Microsoft Store brings it to version 11803.1001.6.0 and fixes a couple of bugs. Microsoft Store is receiving the first update of April and it comes with UI changes.

The new Microsoft Store for Windows 10 brings a new interface for reviews. Microsoft Store is now showing more reviews from the users on the same page, the update has also tweaked the vote and report buttons. Apart from the above-mentioned changes, Microsoft Store has been also updated with general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Microsoft Store on Windows 10 Mobile also received a server-side update, and it appears that the company has removed the extensions tab from the store on phones.

A while ago, Microsoft added a new tab, named ‘devices’ to increase its store offerings into the Microsoft Store across all platform including Windows 10 and the web. The Devices section on Microsoft Store allows users to find new Windows-based devices, Xbox, Surface devices, gaming PC and more.

Microsoft has been working with developers to improve its Windows 10 Store. The Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store) is heavily criticized for app gap but to fix this problem, the software giant is hedging its bets on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). While the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are different than the standard UWP apps, it feels more or less same, although they are built using standard web languages.

The progressive web apps could help Microsoft fix the app gap problem as these apps are hosted by the developer on their server, as a result, the app will be refreshed whenever the website is updated.

“Progressive Web Apps are just great web sites that can behave like native apps—or, perhaps, Progressive Web Apps are just great apps, powered by Web technologies and delivered with Web infrastructure,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

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