Windows Maps for Windows 10 Mobile
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While Windows 10 Maps app content is outdated, Microsoft says that the company is still committed to its mapping solutions. The outdated content in Windows 10 Maps has raised questions as the company’s mapping solution is still powered by HERE Maps. Windows 10 Maps app is suffering from an outdated content problem, although the company official has explained why some maps content is outdated.

First and foremost, not all content in the Maps are outdated and Microsoft is still committed to its mapping solutions. Loren E. Hillberg, Partner, Group Program Manager, Bing Maps team from Microsoft said in an interview that the company is committed to keeping its mapping solutions alive and new updates are planned for summer.

Loren E. Hillberg says that sometimes that updated content could arrive for users slower than expected. Microsoft by no means is looking into abandoning them, a new update is projected to arrive this summer.

Microsoft also explains that it takes more time to process map data as the data is provided by HERE, this could delay the new content rollout and the duration also depends on how large the update is.

As you are aware, we get our underlying map data from HERE and then process this data to bring it into our Bing Maps and Windows Map App experiences. Occasionally this process encounters delays. However, we have been speeding up our data processing and expect an update to be available this summer,” a Microsoft official said.

Loren E. Hillberg also confirmed that Microsoft will continue to invest in the maps and a new update will be still delivered to the users. In other words, it is a good news for all Windows 10 Mobile users who don’t want to switch to a different platform.

Of course, the Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store) has third-party Google Maps apps but this isn’t the most convenient workaround.

Back in 2016, Microsoft confirmed that the company will still use the map data provided by HERE. In the same year, Microsoft and HERE maps signed a new multi-year strategic commercial agreement, which allowed the software giant to integrate HERE services and data into Bing Maps and even Cortana. The best part of the agreement is that Microsoft still has access to some of the most up-to-date and accurate map contents available on the market.

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  • Matt Marshall

    I’ve been using Microsoft Maps app for years now. The date stamp for the underlying data on my phone reflects 2017, and new features have been added over the last year or so. Finally, at least here in Michigan, I’ve never run into outdated content issues. Everything works perfectly, and frankly better than ever.

  • Anonymous

    The bing map may be fine in US or somewhere in EU, however once use the bing map in ASIA (specially use not alphabet counties). its totally outrageous, misleaded, mislocated. When using the bing map (with all w10 devices) in HK, my actual home location were at least 400-500m away from my current position (vs g map), the sea was missing, tones of bldgs/shops/stores etc. were on the water. it just suck & shame…

    • baalu

      I live in South India. All my life i had used windows phone only. And as much as i love to use my windows maps and navigation, they aren’t perfect. Every time, almost 98% of the time, it ends up showing wrong routes/places. The interface is good. But while searching places and streets the spelling needs to be very precise, unlike other maps where even if a slight error in the spelling, the result tends to show many suggestions of the searched place. And navigation though it shows routes are start, a slight deviation from the route and the entire routing collapses and takes a long time to re-route. Also most of the places are incorrect. I’m completely fed up using these. Though im a stubborn windows phone user.

  • Alfred Soyemi

    First, thank goodness they are not abandoning it (rumor or not), and I have not used anything but Bing Map in the last 3 years and no complaints from. (Worth knowing I live and use it here in U.S, That experience might not be same for folks outside U.S)

    • JohnW

      The maps are fine in the UK but the traffic had issues and cameras are missing completely. They need to subscribe to the highways agency feed. An inability to reroute makes the problem worse as it will refuse to give up on a closed road.

      • baalu

        Re-routing is hopeless, and a slight deviation from the actual route completely collapses the navigation and rendered undependable as it keep changing to random wrong routes. Also it never ends up at correct destination.
        I use Lumia 950.
        Live In South India.

        • JohnW

          Interesting. I never find it taking me to the wrong destination so that must be the mapping data, rather than the touring algorithm.

  • cmolinap

    Outside of the US better use de PWA version of the Google Maps, in Edge. I’m using it in my Lumia 950.

    • baalu

      Does this have navigation as well?

    • Gerald Jeffcoat

      you can download maps outside the US for offline use

  • WPJ

    Just as they were “committed” to Windows Mobile back when everyone already suspected it was really over. So perhaps bing maps are headed down the same way.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just W10M, the Bing map incorrection also happen across all w10 devices (desktop/laptop & tablet) for HK & CHINA..

  • Lingovista

    The good thing about Maps in W10M, its work offline.