Windows 10 Fluent Design concept
Image Courtesy: Michael West

Microsoft’s Fluent Design is a neat addition to Windows 10 but the design is being introduced at a slower pace. While the users have been expecting more Fluent Design design changes in Windows 10 operating system, the software giant is rolling out the Fluent Design gradually.

A skilled designer Michael West created a new concept that shows Windows 10 operating system with more Fluent Design stuff. The concept called ‘Fluid Shell’ improves the desktop and other parts of the operating system with elements from the Microsoft’s Fluent Design language.

Windows 10 concept
Image Courtesy: Michael West

The concept imagines a less cluttered and good-looking desktop. The concept also shows a revamped taskbar that looks modern and compliments the approach Microsoft is embracing.

I started thinking about how the taskbar itself could be made simpler and more modern looking. I couldn’t remove any more icons, the system tray rework had already removed everything possible. So I thought about the actual taskbar—could its shape, size, material be changed? What if it wasn’t constantly attached to the edge of the screen, and instead floated,” the designer explains.

The concept shows a new Start menu that no longer extends to the edge of the screen and the taskbar has no buttons. Furthermore, the taskbar is split into two taskbars visible on both left and right sides of the desktop. Cortana is integrated into the Action Center in the conceptual Windows 10 and the Sets interface has been updated with grouping capabilities in the taskbar.

Windows 10 Sets concept
Image Courtesy: Michael West

You can always vote for such a design in the Feedback Hub and Microsoft might implement similar changes as the company has the feedback in mind when building a new version of Windows 10. The higher the number of votes, the greater the chances to see some elements of concept at least being used in Windows 10.

In the last few months, a plethora of Fluent Design concepts have been published and one of the interesting concepts is the revamped File Association dialog. Last month, we discovered a concept that imagines the File Association dialog with Fluent Design elements, although it is a little thing that nobody cares, the File Association dialog is still an important part of the operating system.

File Association UI with Fluent
Image Courtesy: Centontimu (Reddit)

In addition to the visual makeover, the design has also implemented search bar feature at the top of the dialog, this would certainly come in handy to users. Microsoft still doesn’t seem to be very keen on implementing the search bar in the File Association dialog for some reasons. It’s no secret that things are advancing rather slowly.

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