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Last year Microsoft announced a new design language system for upcoming version Windows 10 which they called Fluent Design Language. In Redstone 3 or Fall Creators update, Microsoft brought this fluent design in various areas of Windows 10 UI and in the upcoming Redstone 4 update more areas of the UI will be updated with this fluent design system.

One area of Windows 10 UI which needs more focus is the File Association box that appears when we try to open a file which can either be opened by multiple apps or there isn’t an app for that file extension in the system and asks users to select a program or app that Windows should use to open that file.

This file Association box was last updated in Windows 8 and after that, it is pretty much the same and hasn’t got any attention from Microsoft. Recently a Reddit user has tried to generate a new concept for this file Association box that not only offers a much better solution to the problems of that box but also enabled the fluent design in it that makes it look much better.

You can see in the image below the difference between the existing and the new concept:

This conceptualized file Association box has a search bar in it that can search for the app you want to select directly hence making it a lot easier for Windows users. If you like the concept then go to the feedback hub link here and upvote it. If the number of upvotes is more then it might be noted by Microsoft developers and chances of Microsoft working on this conceptualized file Association box and bringing it to Windows 10 in the future version of Windows.

What’s more interesting in this conceptualized design is that it is very much possible for Microsoft to make this concept a reality and it won’t be more than few codes of line to bring it in Windows 10.

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