Image Credit: MSPU

Another major company and supporter of Windows platform, Box the cloud storage company has finally bid adieu to Windows platform. The company has confirmed that it has discontinued its Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone apps and removed them from the Microsoft Store.

Box has already pulled its apps for Windows Phones, Windows 10, Windows 8 and have removed them from the Microsoft Store. The apps were working for some users, but come March 1st the users have reported that their Box apps have stopped working.

Users who have already installed the Box app on their devices will no longer be able to connect to the accounts any more. There has been no specific reason given by the company for the discontinuation of the Box apps but as is expected the decision has been taken with Microsoft having already announced the demise of the Windows platform in late 2017.

In a email, Box confirms that if users are willing to use their Cloud storage application, they are requested to switch to either Android or iOS if they like to use their Mobile application, since Box is only expected to maintain the company’s Windows 10 and Windows 8 desktop application.

For users on Windows 10, Box says, they can continue to access Box via Box sync or Box Drive Public Beta and for Windows phone users, Box recommends to use the application on iOS and Android to enjoy the enhanced mobile experiences.

This comes in as bad news both for Windows 10 users and Microsoft since Microsoft has been struggling to convince developers of rival platforms to port their apps in Microsoft Store as Universal Application, which hasn’t garnered any interest from top developers and hence Microsoft Store has always struggled to have top company apps for its users.