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Microsoft is today releasing Windows 10 Build 17618 to the Windows Insiders opted into Skip Ahead, and unlike the previous releases, this new build brings a number of new features along with improvements. Windows 10 Build 17618 is a big release as it marks the comeback of Sets, a tabbed-like interface in Windows 10.

Microsoft announced Sets back in 2017, this feature aims to provide a web browser like experience in Windows 10 to improve the multitasking. With Sets, your webpages, apps, documents are just one click away. Sets is a group of tabs, and the tabs contain different apps, in other words, one window will contain more than two apps, just like how a web browser handles multiple tabs. “Whether it’s something you pick up later in the day or in a couple weeks, Sets is being designed to help you keep the important things together,” Microsoft said in a statement.

The Windows Insiders who have opted into Skip Ahead will be able to try out Sets in applications such as File Explorer, OneNote, MSN News and Calendar. Microsoft says that the value of sets is multitasking and to get back to what’s important and productive. Microsoft has also integrated Sets into File Explorer to create a seamless experience, allowing the users to save time and feel the true value of multitasking in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Sets is much better now

Windows 10 Sets was initially buggy and Microsoft had not added the key features such as support for legacy apps. Windows 10 Sets now supports Notepad, Command Prompt, File Explorer and even PowerShell. Microsoft is also adding an option to launch apps from ‘new tab page’, all you need to do is type the app name into the search box.

What’s broken in Build 17618?

Windows 10 Build 17618 is from the Redstone 5 branch so it comes with its own list of known issues. In this build, Microsoft Store may be broken or it may disappear altogether, you can, however, follow the workaround posted by the software giant.

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