Gone are the days when we used to interact with computers like the way the communication happens in the the past. A person lives in some X country and some Y state, Y state also has its own subdivisions. In short, if a person wants to be reachable to a particular person, the person needs to fill all of those detail very carefully for a sound communication. This basic approach was being followed largely by tech companies. They build an OS (platform rather), then they let 3rd party developers to create for the platform. Simply speaking an user in his computing machine have his/her preferable OS installed within which he/she has to install some other software(say, MS-OFFICE) in order get things done. Since PWA(Progressive Web Apps) is emerging as the next big thing Microsoft is all set to break this traditional way of interaction. A day before, Microsoft drops a huge bomb on social media expressing they will to take a step further of their connected everything goal.

Microsoft is finally launching much rumored tabbed functionality within Windows 10 as an extension of much talked about feature TIMELINE that were supposed to come in the Fall creators update. Basically Microsoft is enabling any Apps( UWP for now) to behave exactly like a web browser. Suppose you are creating a word document and want to take help from the internet you can do so without launching any web browser. Looking for a help from Wikipedia while creating assignments? Well you are just a tab away! This might sound not so useful to average consumer because it is difficult to adapt to anything new. Frankly speaking, they does not care about that and this might not be a groundbreaking feature for them. But if you are a tech enthusiast, following all the latest happenings in this world of tech, you are well aware of PWA. If you are watching MICROSOFT closely these days, they talk a lot about connected everything stuff and continue on PC. I think this Tab Functionality puts a nice extra/necessary layer to the much awaited TIMELINE feature.

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I think this is a good move from Microsoft. Microsoft has plans to expand this functionality from UWP only to other standard win32 programs like File Explorer, notepad, etc. Microsoft promised sets for OFFICE will mark its debut early next year. Although sets will be limited for Office and Edge mobile initially, Microsoft expect Developer to embrace this effort and implement this functionality, so apps can resume easily.

The Software giant is planning to test this feature with a small section of insiders initially.

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