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Microsoft’s Cortana might not be the most popular digital assistant in the world, but recently, Cortana received many integrations. Just like the IFTTT integration and the most anticipated Cortana-Alexa integration. But it doesn’t stop there.

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature where you can ask for your emails to Cortana. Currently, this feature is only available in English (US) on Windows 10 and on the┬áHarmon Kardon Invoke speaker. We’re still yet to see those features on Android and iOS.

Talking about the feature though, it is quite straightforward. All you need to do is ask Cortana if you have any unread emails. Cortana will then check for all your unread emails. She will read for you the list of unread emails including who it is from and the subject. You can then respond to that email, and Cortana will automatically send an email on your behalf.

You can even ask Cortana if there are any unread emails from a specific person or if there are any unread emails since yesterday.

Microsoft ❤ Cortana. Again.

Microsoft’s lack of interest in Cortana raised many doubts. Not too long ago, it seemed that Microsoft would be killing Cortana at some point following the Alexa integration in Windows 10. It also seemed that Alexa would be eventually replacing Cortana. But lately looking at Microsoft’s efforts on pushing Cortana, things could turn around. Cortana’s recent integration in Microsoft Launcher is also among the many efforts in pushing Cortana. Can all these efforts bring Cortana back in the game? We’re yet to see.

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