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The app-gap was always an issue on Microsoft’s mobile platform. Both consumers and developers were dependent on each other. Since there were fewer users on Windows Phone, developers didn’t make apps for the platform; and since there were fewer apps, so were fewer users. This cycle ended up killing the entire platform itself.

Now since it’s very clear that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer supported, developers are all into iOS and Android development (as it has always been). Even the apps that made this far on this platform, have either been abandoned or been pulled off by the companies.

Recently, the official Formula 1 app has stripped off its support for Windows devices, which includes both PC and Windows 10 Mobile.

The company, however, never made an official announcement about the demise of the app. Although, this was very likely to happen as the parent company didn’t roll out the update for 2018 season for the Windows 10 app. The iOS and Android apps though did get the update back in January of this year.

What about premium access?

The problem here, however, is the fact that some Windows 10 customers had purchased F1 access to unlock premium features. Now since the app is no longer supported, users won’t be able to access those premium features. The makers of the app – Formula 1 Digital Media Limited is yet to comment on this. Since this issue is about the paying customers, we can expect some announcements very soon.

The app-gap continues…

This isn’t the first time a company has pulled the plug for its app in the Store. Not too long ago, companies such as Barclays, Uber, The Wall Street Journal and many more have done this before. This isn’t surprising though. Without a mobile platform, those apps wouldn’t have made any sense.

Nevertheless, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is the only glimmer of hope right now for the entire Windows app platform. Can PWA fill the app-gap? We’re yet to see.

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