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We know that Microsoft is no longer working on Windows phone operating system. Last year Microsoft confirmed in a document that Windows Phone 8.1 will not receive security updates after July 11, 2017. Microsoft had also commented that Windows Store and other apps will work for another 12 months after the end of life support date for the OS.

But the users of Windows phone 8.1 has revealed on various forums that the Windows store is not able to download any app and showing an error with error code: 80070020. Windows phone users are left with even more frustration now as they have been facing the app gap problem on the OS since the beginning.

This issue would give them one more reason to finally stop using a Windows phone if this error is not resolved quickly. It looks like Microsoft is not aware of this issue otherwise they would have given a solution. This kind of store error is not the first time for Windows Phone users error code 80070020 has been seen many times.

A good news here is that some Windows phone users have discovered a workaround for this issue whereas changing the date of the phone to 3rd December 2017, resolve the error and store start to download apps again. We request those users who are facing this issue to change their date and continue to use their phone and wait for the official solution from Microsoft.

It’s a really sad moment for Windows Phone users. We will post as soon as an official statement is given by Microsoft.

  • Devang7399

    Changing date to 3rd December,2017 solved my error and the windows store works fine now

    • Led Pry

      It is working now with this method. You solve my problem.

  • Priya Thawani

    I have changed the date to 3 Dec 2017. M able to download WhatsApp after dat but not able to set up it as the application corrects d date before doing so. I don’t know how to do dat. Pls if u cud out sum light in dis as well.

    • baalu

      Should buy a windows 10 phone. Surprised people still love windows phone.

      • Priya Thawani

        I am already using Lumia from past 4 years n was working fine till yesterday..but d apps crashed n were not responding so tried reinstalling them but to my surprise got stuck in dis. If u r aware of how to set up WhatsApp pls lemme know. I ve changed d date to 3 Dec 2017 but while setting up WhatsApp it autocorrects. Kindly suggest.

    • Rakesh Singh

      You should change the date only to install apps from the store and once install any app you change it back to original date.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Well. In that case, after updating all apps, revert the date. You can now use WhatsApp :)

  • Nonsencial Guy

    But If this error is temporarily, official Microsoft position is stop 8.1 support in july 2018, right? Or store should be working further?

  • Bilal Akbar Bhatti

    I have changed the date and it is now working its a pity to be a windows phone user

    • Nonsencial Guy

      It’s pretty strange. I read many forums with this trouble and you are first person for which this method dIdn’t helps

  • Liberty Hlaiseka

    it worked perfectly for me , thanks for the solution

  • vishwadeep Singh


  • Chris Williams

    After finding out that Microsoft no longer supports backups to OneDrive, I decided that I’ve had enough. Ordered an Android phone. This latest stunt with the Store pretty much validates my decision.

    • baalu

      Does it mean, windows phone 8.1 users don’t have access to one drive?

      • Chris Williams

        No, they still have access to OneDrive, but the phone backups to OneDrive (Settings -> Backup) no longer work. So photos and videos still push to OneDrive.

  • charliepopette

    In an alternate universe, where corporations act ethically, Microsoft would update Windows Phone 8.1 to provide a modern browsing experience and provide other fixes for 10 years from day 1 of WP 8.1. My Nokia Lumia 1020 is still a thing of beauty, built like a tank and after 4.5 years it would be a terrible waste to throw it away. This was a $1000 phone. I have an Android phone to process credit card transactions and to deposit cheques, both work-related. I have used an iPhone as well. But I cannot imagine using either regularly.


    I Worked But I Had Been Frustrated For A Whole Week….Trying To Reset The Phone And Update It Ended Up loosing All my Data…

    • kolson

      its true ,this got me worked up for a couple days now

  • heisenberg pink

    it worked

  • Æbüzær Røçk

    can someone tell me its not now upgrading to windows 10 mobile. showing (there was an error installing the update.{801882d2} i have check by changing the date like 3rd dec 2017 but just store working by this not the windows upgrade

  • Wella Stat

    Thank you very much, quite a simple solution, thanks a million

  • kolson

    i can’t thank you enough , i tried a million but failed ,”thank you” !!!

  • Nonsencial Guy

    I just asked because don’t know too.

  • Le

    I reset my phone because I thought something was wrong but now I have the error code 805a01f4 instead saying “The store isn’t available at the moment” so will it be down permanently for me? PLS HELP.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Can you restart your phone and try again?

      • Le

        Yes, I have and then after that when the store was back up, it worked but then I had another code 80004005 but on another phone (the same model) I could download apps. So I resetted my phone again but it didn’t work so I am assuming I have to sign it with another account. Will update if it doesn’t work

        • Le

          I have resetted my phone and signed in with another account but it still doesn’t work

  • UkPowerful .

    yeah, your solution not working – Microsoft is the Virus of the planet

    • Mayank Parmar

      I’m not sure why. This appears to be working for almost everyone.

      • UkPowerful .

        its nothing personal to you, its just a statement that MS lost he marbles again. If (and seems it did) it helped other people then you done good letting them know. Cheers