Microsoft introduced a new feature called “streamlined paring service” to insiders with Windows 10 build 17093. With this new feature, users could pair a Bluetooth device with just one single click.

The feature though is very useful. Microsoft is trying to make Bluetooth pairing process rather less painful. But the name – “streamlined pairing experience” isn’t the coolest name in the world. And this might change.

Microsoft watcher – WalkingCat on Twitter, tweeted out an interesting information regarding this new feature. The tweet suggests that Microsoft could be planning to rename this feature in the final Redstone 4 RTM release as “Swift Pair”.

This feature will be coming in the next major Windows 10 update which is due in April 2018. Currently, this feature only supports a limited amount of devices including very few Surface accessories. We expect this feature to gradually work with all other Bluetooth devices by the final Redstone 4 release. If you’re running Windows 10 insider preview Build 17093 and later, here’s how to use this feature:

  1. Put the Bluetooth peripheral in pairing mode
  2. If the peripheral is close by, Windows will show a notification to the user
  3. Selecting “Connect” starts pairing
  4. When the peripheral is no longer in pairing mode or is no longer nearby, Windows will remove the notification from the Action Center

If at any time, a user wishes to turn this feature off, they can simply do so in the “Bluetooth & other devices” page in the settings app. Enterprises will also be able to control this feature through any existing Mobile Device Management solution.

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Christopher Fernandes

Christopher Fernandes, a former reporter at Windows Latest, is both a developer and the creator of Windows UWP apps such as BetterPray. Currently, he serves as the head of design and is a front-end web and app developer at Volv Media.