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Back in 2014, when Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft, he said in his speech that he will focus more on a Mobile first, Cloud first strategy. Microsoft from then on started focussing more on their cloud services which eventually turned out to be a good thing as we saw with the earnings of Microsoft. As for mobile, Microsoft got rid of the Lumia line up and focussed on iOS and Android as these two were the market leaders of mobile.

Satya Nadella was present at the Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecom Conference which was held in San Fransisco. Nadella told that the opportunities for growth from Microsoft’s Office 365 business are much bigger than anything that the company has ever done.

The Microsoft CEO said that “The growth opportunity for what is Office 365 is a lot bigger than anything we’ve achieved, even with our high penetration in the client-server world”

Nadella focuses to develop technologies which help other companies excel in what they do. Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite has consistently proved this. Office apps are a great tool for productivity. Nadella might have foreseen even more opportunities for growth in Office 365.

Usually, Microsoft sells Windows and Office 365 suites as different products. So the people or organizations would have to buy Office 365 separately. But Microsoft recently announced a new service called Microsoft 365. It is a bundled service which offers both Windows 10 and Microsoft Office along with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite.

Microsoft’s cloud services are doing very well. At the conference, Nadella also told about Microsoft’s potential in its Azure cloud services. Azure Public Cloud Infrastructure business competes head-on with Google Cloud services and Amazon Web Services. Nadella quoted:“We had a good business in our server business, but this business is orders of magnitude bigger than what used to be a successful server business”

Satya Nadella also told about Microsoft’s achievements in Power BI: “We had a good business in our server business, but this business is orders of magnitude bigger than what used to be a successful server business… We went from nowhere to being the leader in BI in the cloud.”

We hope to see more interesting news about Microsoft Office 365 and other services at the Build Conference in May.

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