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Microsoft‘s Windows Insider Program (WIP) has seen immense success since its inception in 2014. The company previously said that the Insider Program has become a large community with more than 10 million people worldwide.

Microsoft has acknowledged these people by considering their feedback and releasing preview builds with improvements and bug fixes weekly.

Now, Microsoft is planning to improve this program. Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft, said that the company plans to make multiple changes to improve the Insider program. Microsoft is also calling it “WIP 2020,” which suggests that these changes will happen in the next couple of years.

In a statement to Windows Central, the Insider Program’s chief, Dona Sarkar, said: “We’re thinking about how we would build the Insider Program that would make us want to join it if we weren’t fans or working at Microsoft”.

This clearly suggests that some exciting new changes are coming, which would tempt more people to join the Insider Program.

Jeremiah Marble, Windows Insider Program Architect, explained that the changes coming to the Insider Program will be more of an evolution of the existing program rather than a complete changeover.

“But it’s also a collection of things we’ve wanted to achieve but haven’t yet done, It includes things we know we have to do, along with suggestions and top requests from Insiders,” says Jeremiah Marble, Windows Insider Program Architect.

Cohorts feedback program could make Windows even better

Microsoft recently announced the “Cohorts” feedback program, in which a select group of Windows Insiders who share a common idea and area of expertise can provide feedback to Microsoft. Feedback will be of higher priority than the normal feedback Microsoft gets from Insiders.

This new program is in addition to the existing programs of Fast Ring, Slow Ring and Skip Ahead.

This is great news for Microsoft fans since it suggests that Microsoft wants to add more features to Windows 10 based on what the users want. We hope to see more news about the Insider Program at the annual Build Developer Conference in May.

Windows Insider Program Feedback Hub
Windows Insider Program Feedback Hub | Image Courtesy:

As shown in the screenshot taken by, you just need to open the Feedback Hub, summarise your feedback, and then provide more details, like how the bug affected your workflow. If it is a suggestion, you can explain why you’d like to see the new feature in Windows.

But if similar feedback has already been created, you can post your opinion as a comment rather than creating a new feedback item. As shown in the screenshot, this appears under the “Find similar feedback” section.

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