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Microsoft today in a blog post highlighted a report published by Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies which claims that the employees would choose the Surface-branded Windows 10 devices over the Apple iPad Pro. In a survey, the Creative Strategies questioned a panel of 1,300 US consumers, and according to the report, more employees are inclined towards Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface lineup continues to one of the most beautiful laptops on the market, and the hardware packed inside the Microsoft’s laptops is ahead of the majority of rivals in the hardware market. Microsoft is never in a hurry to roll out a new lineup of the Surface-branded devices, as a result, the devices are well tested and optimized for best performance.

Since Surface devices hardware is pretty impressive, the employees first choice is Surface and not the Apple iPad Pro. The employees would choose Surface as it is more creative and productive, the analytics company says that Surface is the first choice for early tech adopter. It goes without saying that Surface continues to challenge Apple in the populated market.

  • According to the survey, the 72% of users prefer Surface at work. The company notes that the people would want to use the ultimate laptops from Microsoft for all purposes, even for personal use.
  • The people would replace their laptop with 2-in-1 Surface Pro devices over Apple iPad Pro.

While the Microsoft Surface brand faced negative press following the Consumer Reports decision, the ultimate Windows 10 laptop from the software giant makes 77% of people feel proud, that’s 15% higher than Apple.

“People who perceive the Surface as the leading notebook brand over Apple do so because they see it as the best implementation of Windows and Office,” the Creative Strategies said.

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