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Navigon, a popular GPS navigation Windows Phone app will be leaving the Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store) in May 2018. The removal of Navigon is the result of the lack of commitment shown by Microsoft to its customers and developers. In an email sent to its users, Navigon cities Microsoft’s official announcement (Belfiore’s tweets) as a reason for ending support for its Windows Phone app.

Despite the fact, Windows Phone is an amazing mobile platform, developers hardly find a reason to stick with Microsoft’s mobile platform these days, mostly because of Microsoft.

In May, the official app of the Navigon will be pulled from the Store but if you have the application installed on your Windows Phone, the app should work fine, according to the email.

“Microsoft has now officially has stopped production of Windows phones. That’s why we have with a heavy heart decided to leave the platform.As of May 2018, the NAVIGON app and its additional packages will no longer be available for purchased. You can still use the app though and download it again as an existing customer,” the company said.

There’s basically no reason to stay on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform these days, especially after Joe Belfiore announcement. Microsoft executive recently confirmed in a series of tweets said no new features are planned for Windows 10 Mobile. If you’re looking for Navigon alternatives, you might want to try the first-party Maps app.

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