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When Windows 10 Mobile “app gap” was becoming more and more of an issue for the customers and companies, Microsoft started working on Android apps for Windows 10 Mobile. Some of Windows 10 apps are not yet true UWP apps, it may run on PC or Mobile, but not on all devices.

If Windows 10 app gap is still an issue for you, a company is working on a simple solution that would convert the apps designed for Android to run on Microsoft’s desktop platform.

There are many ways to emulate Android apps on Windows PCs. Bluestacks, for example, enable Android applications to run on PCs running Windows operating system. These tools allow the apps to ’emulate’ with a number of limitations. A company is now working on bringing Android apps to the Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

MechDrome, a cross-platform Android runtime company aims to run Android apps natively on Windows 10 operating system. As these apps are converted to run natively on Microsoft’s platform, the apps will also support Windows 10’s Action Center and notifications, just like a UWP app.

The converted Android apps will also open web pages in Microsoft Edge browser. It’s likely that MechDome might also enable other Windows APIs with the future releases, but initially, there will be some limitation.

“You will be able to convert Android apps to run natively on Windows. Android apps will automatically use Windows Notifications and open the Edge browser when running on Windows 10,” the company tweeted. We’re not sure if the company will limit this tool to developers or it would be possible for any users to convert the Android apps.

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