Microsoft Band 3
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The initial reports had claimed that Microsoft stopped working on the third-generation Band wearable device back in late 2015, after the experiment to bring Windows 10 operating system on wearable failed. Just like Lumia Windows Phones, the Microsoft Band 3 has been also abandoned for no apparent reason.

Today, new images and information leaked the Microsoft Band 3 in its full glory, confirming that Microsoft was indeed working on a third generation band with some improvements over the second generation. Microsoft Band 3 is a minor improvement over the Band 2, though the design of the band wearable has got better with third generation.

There are only a few notable changes in Microsoft Band 3 over the second generation wearable, the design has been improved to look and feel slightly slimmer. Another noticeable change is that Microsoft has removed black colour from Action Button.

Microsoft had added swimming exercise tracking, enhanced well-being tracking features and RFID tag support to the third-generation Band wearable. Microsoft Band 3 would have been the best version of the wearable from the software giant and it could have been proved to be fairly successful.

Microsoft Band didn’t align with Windows 10 ecosystem and this could have been the reason for Band series’ death. A Windows 10-powered Microsoft smartwatch under the Surface brand makes sense at the moment, as the company recently patented design for a smartwatch with the modular body.


  1. I don’t like the way they are doing it. Ok, if MS wants new band on new OS, then don’t make huge gaps between two dvices. Its if Samsung cancels Galaxy line and plans another line, but stops selling Galaxy for year until they make another Samsung phones.


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