Lumia FM Radio
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Microsoft last year removed the first-party FM Radio app from Windows 10 Mobile operating system, and the company was asking the users to download the third-party radio player apps available in the Microsoft Store. If would like to listen to the radio on your Lumia 950 Windows Phone, we have discovered a simple hack that will enable the FM Radio app outside the United States.

“FM Radio has been removed from dev branch builds and is being cut. May use third-party radio apps from store,” Microsoft program manager Jason said last year. In other to listen to your favourite stations outside the United States, you need to hack your Windows Phone and install the FM Radio app.

Install FM Radio on Windows 10 Mobile

  • Enable Developer Mode by navigating to Settings -> Update & Security -> For Developer -> and click on ‘Enable Developer Mode’ toggle.
  • Download Interop Tools from here and sideload the app to your Windows Phone.
  • Open Interop Tools on your phone and open Registry Browser.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/FMRadio/OEM/NotPresent and change the registry value from 1 to 0.

As noted above, Microsoft officially confirmed in 2017 that the FM Radio application is being discontinued and since Groove Music is also dead, it’s highly unlikely that the FM Radio app will be released once again.

It’s worth noting that the Lumia 950 was also launched without the FM Radio app and the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update removed the application completed from the system. You can still install the third-party FM Radio apps such as TuneIn Radio from the Microsoft Store, it is undoubtedly one of the worthy alternatives to the first-party FM Radio app.

  • Uncommon_Tater

    I did this and the registry value was already set to 0. Does that mean that it’s enabled on my phone already?

    • Mayank Parmar

      Since you are in the US, FM Radio is enabled on your phone.

      • Uncommon_Tater

        Ah! Thanks. That makes sense. Any idea how to side load the old FM Radio app?

        • Mayank Parmar

          Just download any third-party Radio app on your phone! And it will work. You cannot restore the first-party Radio app.

          The trick is for those who are in Europe, as the third-party FM Radio apps won’t work outside the US so the phone needs to be hacked :D

          • RbrtSfrn

            I use third party radio FM app in Europe with no problem.

  • Alexio

    I had it already set to 0. So it works with any fm app. I’m curious though for another extension, regarding region. I have the value set to 2. Should i changed sth?