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OneDrive is one of the recognised services by Microsoft. Lately, Microsoft has been adding new features to the service and it doesn’t look to be stopping. An exciting new feature will be heading to OneDrive very soon. The feature is known as Files Restore and as the name suggests, this will allow you to restore the files at any point and even can restore any data that you lost accidentally.

A photo posted on Twitter by Ryan Schouten, MVP of Office Servers and services at Microsoft, gave a glance at the feature being presented by Stephen L Rose, Sr. Product Manager for OneDrive for Business.

As tweeted by Ryan, this could also be used to recover your data even after an attack by ransomware which is awesome.

The feature is expected to be launched in next couple of weeks as tweeted by Ryan but no fixed date is available. It is still unclear whether this feature will be available for OneDrive Business only or not. But Files Restores feature looks promising and should eventually make its way to other users too.

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