Windows 10 KB4056892 is not installing on your PC? You are not alone. Microsoft yesterday addressed the critical vulnerabilities on devices with Intel, AMD and ARM chipsets in Windows 10 operating system. While the emergency patch was supposed to install on affected PCs without any problem, it appears that the Windows 10 KB4056892 fails to install with error 0x800f0845 on PCs with AMD chipsets.

It also appears that the update keeps breaking computers, with reports claiming that the PCs won’t boot. At the moment we are not aware of any fix for error 0x800f0845 while installing Windows 10 KB4056892 (16299.192). Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the problem.

After attempting to install KB4056892, users on Microsoft Community threads claim that their PCs won’t boot. It’s worth noting that bug is affecting AMD systems only and the company is yet to acknowledge the problem.

It could be possible that Windows 10 KB4056892 might not be compatible with some old AMD chipsets. The systems with the failed installation of KB4056892 (Build 16299.192) won’t boot with the process stuck at Windows logo screen without the loading animation.

We believe that Microsoft is already working on a fix but the software giant needs to hurry up as the installation of this cumulative update is necessary to fix the critical vulnerabilities.

Because of the critical chip bug discovered in Intel, AMD, and ARM hardware, the software giant issued emergency patches for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 devices. The update protects PCs against the Meltdown and Spectre security bugs and it also comes with some general fixes.

  • Guest

    Indeed, I suffered it too on HP dx5150 and Dell Optiplex 740 with AMD chips.

    • Kern Hardman

      Yes, My Optiplex 740 with AMD chip did the same. It appears that once again, they were in such a hurry to get this out the door, that proper and adequate testing was thrown to the curb. If you add this patch to the pile… many patches that have been put out in the past 2 years have had to be recalled!!! Not a thing that should happen when such a vast number of machines are affected with this and by this.

  • John-William DeClaris

    Wow this patch just destroyed my PC. I had valid licensed software and OS and this f’ing patch not only created a boot failure, I could not go back to a previous restoration point. The only way the PC could work was to use the reinstall feature which wiped out all the software on the PC and my web links. Once I got the OS reinstalled, the PC worked for 2 hours, then installed the same security patch that initially destroyed it.

    I am so angry right now. Thanks to Microsoft, I am now considering switching to Chrome.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Just block the update from breaking your PC, here’s how you can disable update from reinstalling. I’ll let you know when the fix is available.

      • HairyHerry

        The article tells me to select a device from a list. This is where I get lost. It’s essentially incomplete as I could ruin my system from selecting the wrong one. Note I have Microsoft MCSE certs from years ago so this ain’t my first rodeo.

        • smarty pants

          In that link, all you need is the link near the bottom, “Show or hide updates”… The rest of the stuff above it about driver/device updates is irrelevant to this.

    • Marco Sartori

      that sucks! no backup?

  • Phil McCown

    Yeah, my Toshiba with Intel chipset just tried this install and it too won’t work. It hangs on the login screen and it says that I have to reinstall Windows. Thanks a lot, Microsoft, for yet another update that was rushed out without proper testing.

  • Prajwal Shewatkar

    yes now I got why my pc failed to boot! Restoring to previous didn’t work I had to reset my pc and keeping only personal files only worked. I lost all my downloaded apps. thanks that they fixed it urgently. on my dell vastro 3546

  • Mark Giles

    Same here – latest Windows 10 security updates have caused the frozen logo, no spinning white disk, and no hard disk activity light. This happened yesterday, and I decided to do a full reinstall from USB boot stick. I then let it go ahead again with all updates this morning, and the same problem re-occurred.

    Managed to get going again by powering down completely ( power off, then mains switch off at back), and starting again. PC went into automatic recovery, attempted repairs, and responded with “We couldn’t complete the updates Undoing changes Don’t turn off your computer”. After a few minutes, I got back to desktop, and confirmation that updates had failed. I think I will put the latest updates on hold!

    I suppose you could class my system as an “older AMD”, but upgrades have given me a SSD and 8GB RAM. It has served well for over 8 years, through Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and now Windows 10 – this is the worst failure I have ever seen.

    System summary:

    OS Name Microsoft
    Windows 10 Pro

    Version 10.0.16299
    Build 16299

    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, 3015 Mhz, 2
    Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

    BIOS Version/Date Phoenix
    Technologies, LTD ASUS M2N4-SLI ACPI BIOS Revision 1301, 15/09/2010

  • Al

    Failed multiple times on Dell Inspiron 5555 with A8-7410 and Windows 10 1709 Build 16299.192. No apparent damage, just un-does update and attempts again later.

  • HairyHerry

    This is EXACTLY what’s going on with this Hairy Guy’s computer. My only fix is to keep rebooting, then when Automatic Repair shows, select Advanced, then the bottom left Restart. The update is undone and of course it’s Wash, Soak, Rinse, Spin, REPEAT! So stupid that I may disable windows update for a week or so.

  • mbze430

    I have a Ryzen 5 1600 and it keeps failing. It won’t boot into windows but if you have a restore point, you can go back to that. However it will conitnue to try to update, unless you pause it.

  • Gezim Gjakova

    Not only AMD. I have a Lenovo ideapad FLEX 51570. with i7 processor and I have the same problem. After update KB4056892 windows won’t start. Only blue screen with error codes. Only restoring to an earlier restore point can resolve the problem. But I must to prevent windows to automatically update until a fix from Microsoft comes.

    • kw neuer

      component services/services/windows update/stop/disable worked for me until microsoft fixes this

    • Gezim Gjakova

      With the new bios from Lenovo everything is now OK. Yesterday I upgraded the Bios. The new bios file was only few hours old.

  • Jim MacDonald

    Same thing is happening with the KB4056891 update as well

  • Keith

    Same problem with Gigabyte motherboard and i5 processor. After days of restoring and reupdating by myself and local PC expert the conclusion is that update to Windows 10 Version 1709 is incompatible with motherboard. Only solution is to disable Windows Update service. Is Microsoft working on solution or is new PC the only alternative?

    • Kamil Kamiński

      the same problem relates to mine GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK and i7-4790K

  • krishna murthy

    after installing the update 16299.192 my laptop got completely slowed down and finally later on i uninstalled the update and continue with the 16299.125 update it works fine releasing the software update to all the users is not good i think they might have send the patch for the particular users only who faced the problem

  • Danijel Pesut

    I have the same problem and have no AMD, now it’s one month that microsoft tries to install update.
    They try it every day for every two hours, of course every time they make restart, and I can’t use my computer at all. Always: Head up we have updates for you, It means it will be restart without success.

  • Mike

    Same problem for me. Acer desktop with Intel i5-4440. Machine reboots multiple times a day to complete installation of Security Update KB4056892. Thanks for the information all. I was preparing to clean install Windows in hopes that it would fix the problem. After reading this it sounds like that will make no difference at all. I’ll just have to turn off Windows update and wait it out until MS finds a fix.

  • Peg C.

    I’m on a 1 year old Acer desktop and this update downloaded over a week ago and will not install. I have an Intel chipset, NOT AMD. This issue is not affecting only AMD computers. On my newish Dell Win10 laptop, also Intel, the update installed fine but everything has been slower and with occasional hangs of over a minute. May uninstall there.

    Microsoft is getting very slipshod.

  • Daniel Stafford

    It is failing repeatedly on INTEL machines with error 0x80070bc2. Microsoft is recommending an “in-place upgrade,” or basically a PC reset that saves your personal files & folders but dumps all user-installed programs. Can I bill them for the three days it will take me to reload all the software on this machine??? My desktop has been rebooting every evening for a month now.