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We have earlier informed in our previous article that Microsoft will be retiring its Groove Music service at the end of December 2017. The company some time ago added the ability to identify songs through Microsoft’s Digital Assistant, Cortana.

But now some users are reporting that Cortana’s song recognition abilities are no longer available and the digital assistant ability to identify songs has been retired. To enjoy the functionality you would need to press the music icon on Cortana’s interface while playing music. The service then identifies the songs from the Groove library and brings you the results.

This functionality no longer works since the Digital Assistant does not have any library to search after the retirement of the Groove Music service. The news was confirmed by one of Microsoft’s Cortana Team Engineer in reply to one of the users stating: “What you are seeing is expected. Due to the shutdown of the Groove Music service Cortana music recognition has also been retired.”

If you are trying to access the service by tapping on the icon, you will now be greeted with a message statingĀ “Song unrecognized”, “this service is retired”, but “music continues”.

Now with the retirement of Groove Music and unavailability of Shazam app from the Windows Store, the Windows 10 users are currently left with no music recognition app to download and use.

  • georgesidi

    i downloaded shazan via the 9zen app, easy peazey

    • You can downloaded it from the Microsoft Store.

  • Roasted Wookie

    :)))) PATHETIC!

  • TinGA

    How can I run Android on my Alcatel Idol 4S? I need to jump ship.

  • Steven Irvin

    Lame as fuck. Was never as good as Nokia express music but damn why they keep disappearing?

  • R M

    My god has Microsoft lost ALL reason.
    GET some APPS………Period.
    Its not like microsoft is broke. If you want to compete with Apple or Android get some APPS.

  • JC Ruiz

    Time to move to Android. Goodbye Windows Phone. Goodbye Nadella.

  • darren cafferty


  • Dayne Thompson

    /facepalm….. thanks guys… *heavy sarcasm*

  • charly evans

    Couldn’t Microsoft use Shazam or partner with them? 2 great features taken away. I wonder what features will be next.

  • I just tried Shazam on my Windows phone (Microsoft Lumia 650, windows 10 Mobile) and it works!
    I downloaded it from Microsoft Store.

  • Mike

    Maybe if Microsoft would have supported Windows phone it wouldn’t be a dead platform now. It’s much more capable than Android and Apple.