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Microsoft is releasing updates for its Android apps on a regular basis as the company is very keen on improving its Android apps and services. And today the company is updating the Bing Search app for Android with new features and major improvements on the Google Play Store.

With the latest update, Microsoft is revamping the home page with the ability to access the features such as voice and camera. The company has also added a new feed to the homepage and Microsoft’s new technology will help the new feed learn what you like to read.

You can access the source of the story or dislike a story by clicking on the ’…’ icon on the card. Microsoft has also revamped the voice search feature and it is now easier to use. The other changes include bug fixes, speed improvements and UI polish.

The Bing Search app homepage is certainly useful as it shows voice, camera and other useful features. Earlier this year, Microsoft added a warning message about malicious websites to its Bing Search app.

With Bing Search app, you can search the web by image, voice, photos, or barcodes, and connect to results and apps you trust. Bing also rewards you for your curiosity and with the rewards points, you can grab gift cards at Amazon and Starbucks.

Download Microsoft Bing Search for Android.

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