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Yet another company is giving up on Windows Phone platform, Kik Messenger for Windows Phone has been removed from the Microsoft Store. Up to recently, Windows Phones were included in Kik’s list of supported mobile platform but the social media company recently pulled the app from the Microsoft Store.

“We aren’t working on an update to Windows Phone, as resources are currently allotted to Android and iOS. It is on our radar, and we will look to make this update in the future,” Rod McLeod, the Director of Communications at Kik said last year.

Users recently discovered that Kik has removed their Messenger app for Windows Phones from the Store. Kik has also removed the download links from its website, meaning that now there’s no way to install Kik Messenger on your Windows Phone, but it should function properly if you have it installed already.

Kik Messenger is a instant messaging mobile app from the Canadian company Kik Interactive, available on all popular mobile platforms; Android and iOS. Kik allows users to send and receive messages, photos, videos, sketches, mobile webpages.

Kik currently has no plan for a app based on Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10 PCs and Mobile. It seems that only WhatsApp is serious about its Windows Phone app, the company recently updated its Windows Phone app with a lot of new features.

  • Pablo HP


  • wifflewaffle

    What a bunch of two faced liars kik are!

    They pulled the app some weeks ago, as I found out when I went to reinstall it (usual reinstall to try and get notifications working again). That’s when I found it had vanished from the Microsoft Store.

    However, contrary to whatever kik may have told you, links have NOT been removed. In fact when I checked 10 minutes ago, their website STILL says it is available for Windows Phone and gives a broken link to the Microsoft Store.

    Nowhere on their site do they say it has been withdrawn, they ignore questions about it on Facebook it Twitter, and their so called “support” email address gives an automated reply to the effect of “go away”

    Dreadful outfit

    • Heather A de Leur

      so still no way of reinstalling it on a windows phone? It was an accidental uninstall on my phone

      • wifflewaffle

        I had to uninstall KIK as the notifications were broken and just about the only thing you can try is uninstalling then reinstalling..

        Fair enough if Kik take the business decision to withdraw the Windows Phone version, as they’ve all abandoned it anyway. I mean ONE update how many years? And that was utter crap.

        However, they should have had the courtesy as a “so-called” professional organisation to inform Windows Phone users that are withdrawing it, and did they? Like hell they did. They STILL do not admit they have withdrawn it – screen shot of their website as at 1:20pm GMT today.

        They are bunch of utter amateur clowns.

        If you look at they’re Facebook and Twitter presence you’d think it had been hacked by a mob of teenage students off their faces of substance, with an average emotional age of 12.

  • Ceri Jones

    This reporter is way behind the times. Kik became unable to install 5-6 months ago. I know first hand as it wasn’t downloadable from Microsoft Store (you could see it but no download for it), Same on Kik’s own website, in August. it was just gone. It NEVER was fully supported as it tried to breach all security features and Windows simply had to many unbreakable ones. Kik being Canadian, are to lazy to patch it to work from day one. No video chat? No motion video files, limited image file types, only several text type files permitted. This author left out how taxing it is on any device, crashes or freezes often. Kik is now nonfunctional on any Microsoft platform, not just unable to download it. It starts up and will show your text from you, but none from others and others don’t get your texts either. It glaringly obvious this author hasn’t spent one second trying to use it on a Windows device. Just saw it gone and made up some fairy tale as to why. Hope this fairy tale writer is writing kids books nothing to do with facts, because he sucks at that..

  • Adam

    Kik never worked on windows day 1 for me. You got to screen to turn the elephants around the right way to prove you were a real person and when you did it followed up with a blank white screen. After re-installing it I just gave up in the end and thought my messages were just lost.