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Microsoft deserves kudos for cracking ARM architecture with its irreproducible asset, Windows 10. Now here is an interesting thing, do you know that Qualcomm was not the only one approached when Microsoft found a way to run Windows 10 on ARM. Nvidia was also asked for the same.

Microsoft is currently in partnership with Qualcomm and they are getting ready to launch Windows 10 devices powered by ARM chipset, and there is no turning back from here. They will continue to work on this to make this thing better.

Although Qualcomm is the only partner for Microsoft right now, we can expect that the partnership will happen in future with the likes of MediaTek and even Intel as it is also said to be working on ARM processor.

As of now not many OEMs showed positive interest with Windows 10 on ARM project. This is pretty understandable as many are wondering how a mobile processor can handle a desktop operating system with ease. This will take some time to convince OEMs to go all in with Windows on ARM.

Since Qualcomm’s next Snapdragon Technology Summit Keynote is approaching (5th December) we expect to hear some major announcement from Qualcomm regarding its future plans for Windows 10 on ARM project.

On the other side, Nvidia is eyeing big with their effort in self-driving car industry. Nvidia is eyeing for a market that is still pretty much unsaturated, there is a lot to be done in that field. Nvidia did not want to join the bandwagon and make the same stuff which others are making, they are going in a different direction altogether. If they pull it off, they will be the next Qualcomm in the self-driving car industry.

Although Nvidia did not make any official statement on whether they are actually interested in Windows 10 on ARM project or not we only hope that it will in future. This will not only help Microsoft to avoid too much dependency on Qualcomm but also diversify this unique project.

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