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As Microsoft wants to make Edge browser a cross-platform app, the company recently launched its Edge browser for iPhones in preview and today Microsoft is updating the web browser with improvements on the App Store. With the latest update, Microsoft is finally improving the Edge browser for iPhone with fixes for battery life and more.

Microsoft has finally fixed a bug where the iPhone overheats when Edge browser is running in the background. The bug also caused battery drain without even browsing the web or using Edge’s Continue on PC feature.

Microsoft has confirmed that it was aware of this bug and it has been fixed with today’s update. Apart from the above-mentioned changes, Microsoft has successfully improved the overall performance, the app now feels smoother and better than ever.

A few days ago, Microsoft also released an update to Edge browser for Android with bug fixes and important. As noticed by our readers, the overall performance of Microsoft Edge improved on Android with the last update and similar changes have been implemented on the iOS version.

Microsoft Edge for iOS comes with features like favourites, reading list, new tab page and reading mode. The browser delivers a universal experience across all devices including the rival platforms, the app also comes with an interesting feature called ‘Continue on PC’, it lets you open the page you’re looking at right on your mobile.

Download Microsoft Edge for iOS.

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