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Microsoft and Qualcomm have promised to bring the first ‘Windows 10 on ARM‘ device to the market later this year. Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it was in the later stages of testing the Windows 10-powered Snapdragon 835 devices. Recently the chip maker Qualcomm has detailed the features of such devices in a blog post.

The Always-Connected PCs will be launched later this year and it will have the latest LTE modems, this will bring the ultra-fast connectivity (up to gigabit speed) like any mobile device. Qualcomm also claims that the Always-Connected PCs will offer beyond-all-day battery life, something Microsoft isn’t able to deliver with the Intel processors.

The innovative Windows PCs are designed to function like a mobile device, you can authenticate with facial recognition and get all the data synced with the cloud, as the device is always on and connected to LTE.

Qualcomm explains how the company worked with Microsoft to solve the battery life problem on 2-in-1 Windows 10 PCs. After more than one year of testing, Qualcomm and Microsoft finally fixed the consumer’s main problem of poor battery life and the company claims that the Windows 10 running on Snapdragon processor will offer at “least 20 hours of battery life, and close to 80 percent wanted at least 16 hours of battery life”.

Not only great battery life but the Always-Connected PCs will deliver many other benefits such as “always on with email, with all your data synced and ready to go; silent because there are no noisy fans; and thin, sleek designs that are designed for on-the-go productivity,” without throttling performance, the company explains.

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s Pete Bernard, group program manager for Windows expressed his excitement about the Windows 10 ARM project, revealing that after testing more than hundreds of PCs with Snapdragon processor, the company is sure that it would be able to deliver great battery life even when the device is connected to LTE.

Qualcomm also confirmed that besides 5G connectivity project, Windows 10 on ARM was one of the most exciting projects the company has been working on. Do you think Windows 10 on ARM can succeed where RT failed?

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