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Although Microsoft has given up on Windows 10 Mobile, the company has promised to support the mobile platform with important fixes and the Windows Phones continue to function without any problems. Yesterday, a small group of users reported that Microsoft People app is having sync problems on Windows 10 Mobile. The sync problem now appears to be affecting a large number of users including the non-Insiders.

It is a strange bug where the contacts disappear in Windows 10 Mobile’s People app. The server-side bug is only affecting the Windows 10 Mobile devices as the People app continues to function properly in Windows 10 PCs with same Microsoft account.

A Redditor explains that the Microsoft People’s contacts disappeared without making any changes to the phone. “I went to bed last night with all my contacts. When I woke up I only had 4. I haven’t done anything different with my phone lately so they just disappeared overnight,” Redditor explains.

The only fix that appears to be working for now is to sync the contacts in Microsoft People app, resetting the phone or PC won’t fix the problem. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed whether or not it is aware of the reported bugs. However, in the coming hours, the People app should start functioning properly as it is a server-side problem.

A few days ago, Microsoft updated the People app on the Microsoft Store with some improvements for the Windows 10 PCs. The updated finally added the Fluent Design’s reveal effect and other changes, you can learn more about the update here.

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