Yes, Microsoft is planning to sell its own Android phone in its stores for the very first time. The Redmond giant recently unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition, the news came as a shock to many people, it also started a bunch of speculation about Microsoft-branded Android Phone.

Windows never had a solid foothold on mobile and Microsoft ultimately announced that it will no longer develop Windows Phone features and hardware. Satya Nadella’s vision is to empower every user regardless of the operating system and thus this year, Microsoft unveiled new apps for Android and iOS devices, including the Edge web browser.

From Microsoft Edge to Office apps, today the Play Store has all the apps you will find on the Windows Store. There is only one thing missing: Microsoft-branded Android phone and it appears to be coming sooner than speculated.

Yesterday, the Redmond giant announced tools for Microsoft Teams awareness program. In the blog post, Microsoft has shared an image ‘Bringing you a chat-based workspace’ where the company has included images of Surface devices and an Android phone. The phone has Microsoft logo and it runs Android operating system.

It might be possible that the image has been created only to promote the Microsoft Teams app for Android. What do you think? Is Microsoft really working on an Android phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Saad Chadu

    എന്നാ സംഭവം

  • Alexmitter

    This is nothing then a 950 with a Android Screenshot used as screen in a marketing picture. We already had a 950 running iOS, i would not bet this one come too.

    • Pablo HP

      But inside Microsoft’s internal information?

      • Alexmitter

        You know, they use marketing pics of devices with “green screens”, they just put what ever screenshot on it they want. We already saw 950s with iOS, so why is a 950 with Android such a big deal.

        • Pablo HP

          If it’s marketing, I have to confess that Microsoft is too much lousy of a marketing. She doesn’t know how to do Marketing until today. Lousy Marketing.

  • Jens

    If it wouldn’t be so painful, it would be hilarious. Don’t count on me buying one.

  • Kevin Devara

    It could be Microsoft Office 365 on Android.

  • Sono Velenoso

    MS is a better operating system than android, I dex android can’t do what windows can, not to say android isn’t good. Square icons for apps wasn’t helpful for windows along with the fact that most people don’t really know how to use computers, they only really know how to use apps, that’s why Dex isn’t selling well.

  • Carlosgzm

    Neh, it’s the same as HP Elite x3 with Android. I think it’s Photoshop editing.

    • Pablo HP

      But why? Why they don’t use a Windows mobile to show your products?

  • Sreejit Basu

    Looks like the Microsoft lumia 950 with an android screenshot.

    • Pablo HP

      but why? Why they don’t use a Windows mobile to show your products?

      • Ray

        Because their products don’t exist on windows 10 mobile.

  • lordcsx

    I guess acquiring xamarin can finally come in handy.

  • i guess if you cant beat them join them, eh?

  • Alex Medeiros

    I believe it is because using third-party devices in ads, they need to pay for it.

    • Pablo HP

      But, they can use the system on a Windows phone and don´t do it.