Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
New windows 10 fall creators update 2017

Microsoft yesterday released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for the general public as an Over the Air update. The company had promised that users will be getting the OneDrive Files On Demand feature with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which the company announced at its Build 2017.

Now after the availability of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The option can be found in the OneDrive Tab under Settings and users would need to check the box with description “Save Space and download files” and Click OK.

Users have been reporting that the OneDrive Files On Demand feature is missing from the PCs after installing the Fall Creators update. However a workaround to get the Files On Demand feature is that the users would need to download and update sync client and install it over the old version to activate Files on Demand since the application is designed to sync all files from your OneDrive with files and folders stored on hard drive.

If any of our users have installed the Fall Creators Update on their PCs, make sure to check if the Files On Demand features is available, if not kindly try the above given workaround and let us know if you were able to get it for us to update the article for more users.

  • Mikel

    Can confirm, 1709 installed from volume licensing ISO ships with one drive version 17.3.6816. required version for On Demand is 17.3.7000 or above.

    Big failure for enterprises who want to make use of the automated sign in feature from windows credentials as the OD needs be updated on logon of every user first.

    Big f#$% up.

  • Jens

    1709 installed, no Files On Demand settings in OneDrive, have build 17.3.6998.0830.
    More broken prommises, one gets used to it.

    How and where would I download the sync client ?

  • cgdams

    Same thing here. Installed 16299.15, even updated to 16299.19, OneDrive Client is Version 17.3.6998.0830. No Option to activate files on demand in OneDrive Settings. Uninstalled OneDrive and downloaded it again from Microsoft (downloaded Version is 17.3.6998.0830 again). Deleted old local OneDrive Folder, installed downloaded Version. OneDrive asks for account data, then for Folders to synchronize with this pc. Again, no Option to activate files on demand in Settings.

    No Information whatsoever from Microsoft, afaik. I’m more than p*ssed…