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Microsoft’s DirectX is a collection of APIs used for handling tasks which are related to Multimedia, game programming and video. The DirectX SDK basically consists of runtime libraries in redistributable binary form accompanying documentation and headers.

Microsoft released the DirectX 9 with Windows 8 which lets users get the amount of available memory for downloadable games. With Windows 8 Microsoft limited the games memory at exactly 4GB and was continued with the company’s next OS Windows 8.1 and now in Windows 10.

Earlier the API in Windows 7 with more than 4GB as available memory, reported only 0.1GB as available memory which continued with Windows 8 and higher. The limitation of the memory effected most gamers especially users with less than 4GB of RAM.

The issue was sighted by one of Microsoft’s Software Engineer on Reddit four months ago and the company released a fix with Windows 10 build 16232 which was available only for Insiders rolled in as Windows Insiders.

With the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update the fix is available for all gamers on Windows 10 and the API now reports the exact or accurate value for the available memory.

This fix is only available for users who have upgraded to the company’s Latest Operating System Windows 10 and version 1709, Fall Creators Update. For gamers on Windows 8.1, the only workaround is they would need to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Version 1709, which has already been rolled out yesterday.

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