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Windows 10 version 1511, publically known as November Update is no longer supported by Microsoft. This is not the first time Microsoft stopped supporting an older version of the operating system. Earlier this year, Microsoft also ended support for the original version of Windows 10 and today the next feature update for the operating system has been discontinued.

As Windows 10 version 1511 is no longer supported, Microsoft is not going to invest time in developing updates for the old OS, as a result, the users should upgrade their machines as without security or quality updates, it is not a good idea to use the device. When Microsoft will release the cumulative update to the latest version of Windows 10 with security fixes, this might reveal the security flaw in Windows 10 version 1511. Although Microsoft could continue to release updates for version 1511 as they did with the original Windows 10 update.

Remember that all editions of Windows 10 version 1511 including Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Edu and Windows 10 Enterprise are no longer supported. Its been more than two years since Microsoft released version 1511 of Windows 10 in November 2015 and since then Microsoft has improved the operating system with new features, major improvements and new interface changes.

“Since version 1511 was released in November 2015, Microsoft has released additional feature updates that build upon each other, delivering the newest features and more comprehensive security. Windows 10 was designed as a service, whereby feature updates are required a couple times a year. For most consumers, both quality and feature updates are delivered automatically according to their Windows Update settings,” Microsoft explains.

That being said, if you are still using an older version of Windows 10 – You should upgrade your machine before you get into a security problem. Remember that you can always upgrade your Windows 10 device for free and as the latest Fall Creators Update is coming on October 17, it might be the best time to give the new Windows 10 start screen another go.

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