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Microsoft is updating the Arrow Launcher on the Play Store for Android devices with a major makeover. It appears that Microsoft wants the users to know that Arrow Launcher is by the Redmond giant, as a result, they have rebranded (renamed) the app to Microsoft Launcher. The company has also changed the logo, the new logo, however, does not reflect the name of the launcher.

It is, however, sad to see the Arrow name go but the new name makes more sense as the launcher is quite popular now. As it is a serious project, it might be the reason behind Microsoft’s decision to rename the launcher and give considerably more credibility to the product. As Arrow Launcher is truly gone, Microsoft Launcher comes with a redesign. It is much better than its predecessor with a heavy approach to home screen customization.

It is basically a minor redesign given to the app, a somewhat cleaner interface. Microsoft has also added the new Continue on PC feature to the app, it was earlier launched as a separate app for Android that allowed users to continue the web browsing session on PC from where left off on phone.

Microsoft Launcher’s Continue on PC feature lets you send a photo or link from your phone to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update device. Other features include the ability personalize the in-app gestures and pin contacts to the home screen.

Download Microsoft Launcher for Android.

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