Microsoft’s Digital Assistant has been reported to be behind Google Assistant but is catching up very fast to become the number one Digital Assistant. As per reports in Business Insider, Cortana is just a little behind Google’s Assistant to be called the number one Digital Assistant.

However it has been observed that Google Assistant has been more accurate in terms of accuracy and number of questions answered in comparison to Cortana. Apple which has couple of days ago confirmed that it has moved away from Bing to Google as its default web search service, its digital assistant Siri still stands in last place in terms to accuracy behind Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa.

It remains to be seen whether the digital assistant ranking changes as recently Microsoft and Amazon confirmed that Cortana and Alexa will work together. Google Assistant is powered by Knowledge Graph and has been able to answer 68% of 5000 questions correctly in comparison to 22% questions answered by Siri.

Microsoft had earlier reached a new milestone in Human speech recognition, with its Digital Assistant having reached 5.1 percent margin of error putting it on par with lot of professionals. The Milestone has been possible due to the software which the Redmond Giant uses in its Digital Assistant which puts in on par with professionals in terms of accuracy.

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