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Developed by Piriform, CCleaner aka Crap Cleaner is a utility program to clean potentially unwanted files. The application is popularly known for cleaning the temporary internet files generated by browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome. It also cleans the malicious programs.

Although the app is designed to clean the malicious program, the CCleaner itself started distributing the malware to PCs powered by Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The officials have revealed that the software suffered a security incident last month and it had been distributing the malware for one month.

Piriform has officially confirmed the security incident with CCleaner 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191. It started on August 15 and has been stopped on September 12. The company also updated the app to fix the flaw and the defected version has been pulled from the server.

Sensitive information such as Mac addresses of adapters and network, the software of Windows, installer software information were leaked and sent to the attackers. The affected PCs could have been remotely controlled by the hacker and they could have also installed additional binaries. The company is also suggesting the affected users to update the app to the latest version to avoid any risk.

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