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Opera is currently pushing out a new developer update for their flagship product. The latest update brings plenty of fixes along with some known issues for users running Opera on macOS.

The developer update offers custom extension placement in the toolbar which allows users the freedom to arrange their extensions. The company brings fixes for HiDPI issues while also improving Opera’s appearance for the upcoming macOS High Sierra update. Below is the full changelog:

  • [HiDPI] Checkboxes were misplaced and badly scaled.
  • [HiDPI] Auto-filing was totally misplaced after DPI change.
  • [HiDPI] Dragging a tab makes screen flashing after DPI change.
  • [HiDPI] O-menu’s context menu’s borders were missing.
  • [Mac High Sierra] Search popup font was too dark.
  • [Mac High Sierra] No animation on tab hover was shown.
  • [Mac High Sierra] Broken drop target animation in extensions sidebar.
  • [Mac] Sound indicator and mute tab in tab menu were not accessible.
  • [Mac] It was impossible to activate tabs of a certain width.
  • Don’t show hint about new feature – dark theme.
  • Fix for Linux crash when enabling VPN.

There are also some known issues with the latest Opera update especially for macOS users. The issues affects the removal of suggestions in the address bar which is not aligned with Windows and Linux implementation and also theme changes cannot be applied currently.


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