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It’s been a while since Microsoft launched Windows 10 Mobile. Although Microsoft is still updating its mobile operating system however the Redmond-based company is not adding the necessary changes. For example, we cannot even charge the Windows Phones while they are turned off.

If we switch off a phone while charging, it will help the Windows Phone to charge faster. As Microsoft hasn’t enabled the feature by default, you cannot charge a Windows Phone when it is turned. However, a simple app lets you bypass the limitations and charge the phone in switch off state.

How to charge a Windows Phone while it is turned off

  • Interop-unlock your phone, you can do so by download Interop Tools from the Windows Store.
  • Download Windows Phone SDK Lite from here.
  • Download WPTweaker_Release_ARM_1.4.3.xap.
  • Deploy the the WPTweaker using the Windows Phone deployment tool.
  • Open the WPTweaker app and navigate to System and enable BCD: Poweroff charging.
  • Restart the phone.

If you do something wrong, the phone might brick. Although the hack has been tested on almost all Lumias with different versions of Windows 10.

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